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Founded in 1943, by Hércules Levorin, Levorin is a 100% Brazilian company that manufactures over 20 million tires and tubes for bicycles and motorcycles, in addition to tires for the industrial area and retreading materials. Along its business course, Levorin changed from a small factory in São Paulo, to an industrial park in Guarulhos covering 34,000 m² of constructed area.

It is the only large plant of bicycle tires in the Americas, leader in the national bicycles market and among the top motorcycle tire manufacturers. Furthermore, it is the only company that supplies tires for assembling electric bicycles. Electric bicycle tires have a differentiated structure, offering high resistance for load and pull applications. In addition, the compound was designed for durability and minimum roiling resistance and anti-abrasive protection.

Since the 60's decade, Levorin has also dedicated to Tire Retreading, It currently offers a diversified range of products and their respective fixtures, which can be used for severe works on high power vehicles, for instance, in agriculture, industry or mining, urban or roadway buses, besides passenger cars, light trucks and moderate pull vehicles.

Levorin's motorcycle tires are Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) certified since 1999, and are acknowledged by the main national and multinational assemblers. Bicycle tires are certified since 2012. The quality of Levorin's products is assessed by the internal Tire Testing Lab (LEP), accredited by Inmetro for verifying compliance of new and refurbished tires. Thus, the lab meets all requirements in rule NBR ISO/IEC 17025, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the results. Both, tires and tubes are tested for dimension, resistance, deflation, boring and physical features.
On the other hand, Levorin also follows, daily, the entire mix of compounds during the tire and tube manufacturing process. The target is achieving excellence in developing the materials for the products. With a team of 25 highly trained and qualified professionals, the company has a mini-room for mixing, provided with a 2-liter FARREL BY (closed mixer), two open mixers, one simultaneous four-stage vulcanization press, dynamometer for obtaining the tension deformation curve of the compounds, chamber for heating up to 250ºC and cooling down to minus 40ºC, resilience-meter for visco-elasticity response, microscopy for inorganic determination of materials.
One of the most recent large investments by Levorin was the creation of an industrial plant in Manaus, in 2012. The company's target is consolidating its presence at the Amazonian region as a large tire manufacturer in the Northern region. The Manaus unit is one of the most modern in the country, and takes 18,000 m² area. Currently, both plants employ directly about 2,000 associates.

In parallel, Levorin is the only manufacturer worldwide making tires of the Amazonian natural rubber. Since rubber is an important element in the tire manufacturing process, a partnership between Levorin and the federal and the local state governments has promoted the sustainable extractivism of the Amazonian natural rubber. The project, integrating the policy of incentive to family agriculture, currently benefits about 2,000 families in the region, resuming rubber extraction as an attractive and sustainable activity.

For further information contact us at [email protected] or +55 11 2464-6500

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